8 Reasons Why You Need A Vision for Your Life

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT / Monday, September 17th, 2018

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So many people have big dreams for their lives and want to live meaningful, fulfilling, and impactful lives, and I bet you are one of those people.

But maybe you do not know the importance of having a vision, maybe this is because you have never heard of the idea, or maybe you just have not understood why you need a vision in your life. If this is the case, you probably don’t have a vision for your life written down. I know I use to be in this group as well, and for far too long I might add.

I knew about the idea of creating a vision for my life for years before I actually took the time to create one for myself. This was a big mistake. I thought I knew better.

Here was my thought process:

“I know what I want to create in my life, I don’t need to write it down, I don’t need to take the time to type it up and put it on my wall because I know what I want. I am busy and I don’t think it will be that helpful or impactful. I don’t need to spend my precious time doing something that wont get me the results I want right now.”

Looking back now I laugh at those thoughts, because I could not have been more wrong. I also cringe because if I had just simply taken the time to write out my vision and get really clear on what that was, I would have saved myself so much time, energy, pain, suffering, and overall just feeling lost.

At the same time I am grateful to that stubborn girl I use to be, because I believe everything happens for a reason and that everything happens at the right time in our lives. If I did not think that way in the past, I would not be able to share the importance of creating a vision with you today, with the passion and enthusiasm that I have now..

Not only have I been there myself but, I have helped quite a few other people who were feeling like they wanted to live an epic life, but simply didn’t know how to make it happen. And it all starts with casting a vision for your life.

So, if you are serious about living your epic dream life , the one where you get to live your life on your terms, them the first step is to create a vision. Are you ready to jump in?

Creating a vision is essential! By creating your vision, you lay the foundation for designing your life intentionally and with purpose. Your vision is the big picture you are working to create, and from that vision you are able to create a road map by setting goals that will make your vision a reality.

8 Reasons Why You Need a Vision for Your Life

8 Reasons Why You Need a Vision for Your Life

1. Having a Vision Creates Clarity

Being clear on where you are going is essential. Without clarity and having a clear destination in mind you face confusion, feeling stuck, and the inability to make decisions. Without a vision you will end up wasting time and energy trying to achieve your goals, deciding what choices are right for you, and you will be left feeling frustrated, lost and annoyed, just like I was.

Trust me it is not a fun place to be. I lived in that space for years. And that is not what I want for you, and I am pretty sure that is not what you want for yourself either. By simply taking the time to create a vision for your life you eliminate that stress and wasted energy.

2. Having a Vision Allows You to Create Alignment in Your Life

When you have a vision for your life making choices becomes much easier. It allows you to align your goals, relationships, habits and behavior. Because your vision gives you a direction.

You can ask yourself does this relationship help me to be my best self? Or does it hold me back because they don’t support my vision and the goals that I have for my life.

When you are able to create alignment in your life it will become much easier to create your dream life. This is because you will no longer be working against yourself.

Before I created a vision for my life I was constantly going in 100 different directions, and all of those different directions were not at all in alignment with each other. I was working against myself on a daily basis and it left me exhausted and frustrated.

Finally, when I took the time to create a vision for my life and got clear on what that vision was.  I was able to eliminate the things in my life that were not aligned with helping me make my vision a reality. Instead of going in 100 different directions, all my actions and choices were now aligned and working together. Making it much easier to accomplish my goals and create the life I had been dreaming of. I know the same is possible for you.

3.  Having a Vision Provides You With Purpose

Having a vision transforms goals from being tedious to being meaningful.

Your vision allows you to shift your mindset and suddenly your goals have new meaning and are part of a bigger picture. They become more fun and you learn to enjoy the journey as well.

When you have purpose it becomes much easier to complete tasks, and even tasks that you don’t like have meaning, because they are part of a bigger picture. This allows you to develop an appreciation for the process and fall in love with your life.

4. Having a Vision Keeps You Moving Forward

When you hit obstacles, roadblocks, or have bad days, which you most certainly will, you can look to your vision. Without a doubt there will be days where you want to quit, where you feel discouraged, or days when the work just feels too hard. These are the days that having a vision will help snap you out of it and remind you why you started.

Your vision will remind you of you why! It will inspire you and help connect you back to your reasons for your journey, and it will keep you from giving up on yourself. I know this from first hand experience. Before I had my vision written down when I hit a rough patch I got totally derailed, sometimes even taking weeks or months off working toward creating the life I knew I wanted.

Now when I hit roadblocks or have a tough day I have my vision right in front of me on my office wall. I read it and I am instantly connected back to my why, and I am given a fresh perspective. This is the power of having a vision for your life.

Tip: When you are feeling super excited about your vision record yourself a voice note about why you are passionate and committed to your vision and journey.

5. Having a Vision Helps to Pave the Way

From your vision, you can create your goals, schedule, relationships, actions and choices with balance! Your vision serves as the guiding light in your life and gives you a reason to get up every morning with purpose.

When your vision is clear, it is so much easier to set goals that will get you where you want to go. Before I had a vision, my goals just didn’t have the same level of importance as they do after creating a vision. It was like there was this beautifully lit path that my vision had laid out for me, and I know creating a vision can do the same for you!

6. Having a Vision Keeps You Motivated

Having a vision that you read daily, yes I said daily, helps motivate you to get the work done. It is there as a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. With each step closer you get to your vision the more on fire and motivated you will become.

When you do not have a vision it is easy to get side tracked and start to feel lost about your direction and what you are working to create in your life, especially on days you are feeling less than motivated. I cannot stress enough how important it is to read your vision DAILY!

I have made reading my vision apart of my morning routine. Since I have implemented this as part of my morning, I have become ten times more productive, I have accomplished my goals quicker than the allotted time I had given myself, and I have felt much more inspired, motivated, and aligned with my vision.

I highly encourage you to find what time of day reading your vision will work for you. Make sure that you schedule it into your day and that you stay consistent with it. Being consistent will make all the difference.

7. Having a Vision Will Impact Your Relationships

When you have a clear vision for your life and start living a life that is aligned with your vision, you will also attract friends who are on the same path as you. 

It will allow you to let go of relationships that are toxic and out of alignment with your purpose and vision. Which, will free your time to be spent on the things that mean the most to you and work on developing relationships with people who build you up and support you.

In time you will be surrounded by people who are invested in living in alignment with their visions and are walking the same path as you are.

8. Having a Vision Creates Intention

When you commit to making your vision a reality, you get much more intentional with your time. You will want to spend your time doing things that will get you closer to your vision, not pull you farther away from it.

This will lead you to being much more aware of your time management, the things you prioritize, and the activities you invest your time in. Chances are you will find yourself learning more, partying less and taking better care of yourself, mind, body, and soul. And it’s very likely you will be happier too.

I know creating a vision for my life has been incredibly impactful and I have seen it help hundreds of my clients as well. I hope that this has been helpful and that you now know how important it is to create a vision for your life.

I hope that you are inspired to get into action right away and are going to write down your epic vision for your life. If you want help creating your vision, I have created this audio training to help you create your vision for your life and how to set goals that will help you make that vision a reality.


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