The Top 5 Reasons I Love Blogging


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5 Reasons I love Blogging

It is that time again, A2A Friday Favorites! This Friday I want to talk about my top 5 favorite things about Blogging. Since I started my blogging journey in April, the whole experience has been so rewarding and honestly better than I could have imagined. I have been learning so much, and the whole process has not only given me some really amazing personal growth and learning experiences, but has allowed me to connect with some really amazing people.

In this post I am going to narrow it down to the top 5 things I am enjoying most about the blogging process, although I could probably list 20. If you’re considering starting a blog, I encourage you to read this post and also check out my Step by Step Guide to Starting a Blog.

Okay, let’s get to it! Here are the top 5 reasons I love blogging:

ONE >> The Blogging Community

I have seriously never been part of such an amazingly supportive group of people in my life. As a brand new blogger back in April, I had no clue what I was doing and was honestly relying on trial and error. I started brand new Social Media accounts to support and grow my blog and it was evident immediately how kind and helpful everyone was. It was also that there was indeed a “Blogging Community”. Anytime I asked a question or posted a new post on social media, there were other bloggers to help and support me. It was amazing. I have since become even closer with a handful of other bloggers and more specifically a group of ladies with similar blogging goals. It is so nice to see others pursuing the same objectives and being able to support each other in the process.

I think with the blogging community; we have all been there. We at one time, we were all that brand new blogger, just trying to figure it out. I believe that is why the sense of support within the community is so strong. We don’t look at each other as competition, but instead lift each other up through collaborations, shout outs, likes, comments, etc. It is such an inspiring community to be a part of and I love giving that support back to other bloggers on their journey.

TWO >> My Personal Blog Community

Okay, so this is different from the Blogging community I mentioned above. When I talk about my personal blog community, I am talking about my A2A followers, readers, and subscribers. Your guys rock my world. If someone told me I would be able to build the amazing community that I have in just over 3 months, I wouldn’t have believed them.

There is no better feeling than having someone comment on a blog post that you put your heart and soul into, telling you how inspirational it was, or how relatable it was. That is the best feeling EVER. Or when someone direct messages me or sends me an email and tells me they love my blog, or that they find it so helpful, that is SO amazing, and gives me the reassurance that what I do matters.

I love that people are so inspired by the topics I am writing about, that they feel compelled to leave a comment or send me a message. It makes the whole process worthwhile and reminds me why I started to begin with.

It is so nice to find a group of like-minded people who enjoy they same things I do. Other twenty-something’s and millennials who are just trying to figure it out one day at a time and who can relate to my journey and my posts. You guys are amazing!

THREE >> The Learning Experiences

So, like I mentioned, when I first started I knew nothing about blogging or creating/designing a website. I knew it was something I wanted to do but had no idea about domain names or web design, or how to build a community and following. I basically taught myself day by day through trial and error, and through the help of other bloggers e-courses, how to posts, and other helpful resources. Eventually my vision began to come to life and slowly but surely I started to see my blog grow.

It makes me extremely proud that I stuck with it and did not give up when I struggled or when I had no clue what I was doing. Blogging has become something I am passionate about and I feel like I finally found something in my life that I love to do and that I am good at. I have always been very mediocre at things my whole life, and there was never a hobby or activity that I ever felt passionate enough about to really stick with. I played sports here and there growing up, I tried different hobbies, but nothing ever sparked my interest quite like blogging has.

Blogging has become something that consumes me. I want to learn everything I can about it, and I enjoy every second of it. It never feels like work because I love what I am doing. I have always been a creative person but I could never find the proper outlet to express my creativity, and now I feel like I can confidently say that I have.

I have learned so much in 3 months, and I want to learn SO much more. I am having so much fun exploring this path and learning new skills everyday. There is something so special about researching something you want to learn how to do, teaching yourself the process and the steps, and then seeing it come to life after putting in the hard work. It is such a rewarding feeling.

5 Reasons I love Blogging

FOUR >> The Confidence Boost

So, like I mentioned above, I have always been just mediocre at things my whole life. There was nothing I was the best at, or even great at. I think that is part of the reason I struggled with choosing a career path, because I wanted to enjoy my job, but I didn’t know what I loved yet.

Since I started blogging it has been like AH HA moment after AH HA moment. It is like I found what I am good at and what I love, finally! I have always liked to express myself with writing, and often needed to write down what I was feeling in order to properly express myself. So I knew that I enjoyed writing. But when I combined writing my thoughts, experiences, and stories with helping others, I found a new kind of passion. I love writing a blog post, and then have others tell me they can relate to what I wrote about, or that it was inspiring to them. It makes me feel confident in what I am doing, and it makes me want to continue to learn and grow.

It has shown me that I love being an inspiration to others. And that something as small as a blog post can have a positive impact on someone’s life. As cheesy as it may sound, I feel like I have finally found my path and my passion, and the confidence boost that I have received from that feeling is amazing.

The fear of failure that previously consumed me and stopped me from taking risks or trying new things, has disappeared. I took a chance with this blog, and I put it out there into the world, and I got nothings but positivity and support back. I have a new belief and confidence in myself and my journey, and that is so rewarding.

FIVE >> The Self-Improvement and Personal Growth

The amount I have learned about myself in the past 3 months is truly amazing. Writing is an amazing way to self-reflect and when I started writing multiple times per week, my self-reflection was at an all time high. The best part is, when I am writing posts about Gratitude, or Self-Improvement in Your Twenties, or Goal Setting, I am reflecting on my own life and ways I can improve. It has also shown me how I can incorporate the topics I am writing about into my own life. I am creating challenges for myself so that I can confidently write about them in a blog post, I am trying new things and getting outside of my comfort zone, so that I can write about it in a blog post. I am doing these things not only to grow myself, but to also inspire others to grow as well.

It is amazing. I love self-development and I love learning, and this is the best form of both. Not only am I improving my life, but I can write about my own improvement journey and inspire others to improve themselves. It is such an amazing feeling, and so rewarding. I am doing something I love, and it is improving my life in so many ways, how cool is that?

So, these are only 5 reasons I love blogging, and the main reasons I am enjoying this journey so much. I could honestly go on and on, but these are my top 5. If you have ever had any interest in starting a blog, I encourage you to just go for it. Whether it is for fun, or whether you want to turn it into a profitable business, there are so many rewards that come from blogging. I cannot express enough, how positive this whole experience has been for me, on so many levels.

If you do want to start your own blogging journey, I have some GREAT resources to get you started:

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Also, My 8 Must Haves for New Bloggers

And the amazing resource below. Such a perfect guide for new bloggers. It breaks down every aspect of starting a new blog from the very beginning:Building a Framework | A New Blogger Must Have


Whether it is blogging or not, I hope this post encourages you to pursue something you have been wanting to pursue. Take the plunge, learning new things is never bad. The worst that can happen is you don’t like it, and then you live and you learn. At least you tried. The best that can happen is you love it and it brings something to your life that you were missing. Invest in yourself and your curiosity, you will never be sorry.




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10 Replies to “The Top 5 Reasons I Love Blogging”

  1. This was an amazing read Kendra, you wouldn’t believe how helpful it is to me. I recently started my blog and I’m kinda having trouble knowing where to go next. What was your experience finding a supporting blogging community? Where would you recommend a rookie to go to find a blogging community?

    1. Congratulations on starting a blog! Such a fun and rewarding experience! I honestly connected with quite a few bloggers on Instagram! It’s easy to find other bloggers who have similar niches as you via Instagram! Also joining group boards on Pinterest is another way to connect with fellow bloggers 🙂 good luck with your blogging journey!! Xx

  2. Woooow, just what I needed to read…I am about to start my own blog, honestly I have no idea how to do this,
    Your post really encouraged me to just to do it and become part of the blogging community!

    Ana 😀

  3. I feel the same way! The blogging community is so supportive and that alone has been amazing! I started my blog last Fall and know that if it wasn’t for the early comments I received from other bloggers I probably wouldn’t be as happy blogging as I am today! Great blog and I look forward to reading more!

  4. I absolutely love this post! I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for three months, you seem like a pro! Your blog looks beautiful and I love your instagram account (that’s how I got here). Keep it up, I think you’re going to be very successful! X

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