5 Ways To Make Time For Your Passions

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If you are a Millennial, you are probably at a time in your life where there is a ton going on. Between education, figuring out our careers, building relationships, moving, planning weddings, having babies, probably moving again, and so much more, how are we suppose to make time for the fun things? The things we love?

It is definitely not an easy task, that is for sure! Sometimes, I look around at other people, and I think how do they juggle it all? How can I maintain a full-time career, a relationship, a healthy lifestyle, my blog, and also fit in the things I love. The reason this has been on my mind so much recently, is because after solely focusing on my blog for the past 7 months, I have started another adventure, and returned to work at a Human Resources Administrator.

I knew when I started a job again, my blog would become a bit of a “side project” as much as I hate pushing it to the side. I started the job about a month ago, and it is proving to be very difficult to maintain A2A + social media + email subscribers! I knew it would be an adjustment, but holy moly! Major props to all the bloggers who also work full-time!! So, with that being said, that is what has inspired this post.

I am trying to get back into a routine, but it’s difficult! For the past 7 months I was able to work on my blog when I wanted or when I was inspired. I was able to spend the time reading, being outdoors, working on my relationships, and just enjoying all the things I love. Now, that is a bit unrealistic, because while I was making a small income from my blog, it was obviously not enough to live on, so other employment was a must! And, for most people, a 9-5 is the reality.

So, in a world of 9-5’s or full-time education, or maybe even juggling both, how can you also find the time to enjoy the little things in love that make you happy? How can you maintain your passions? Well, here are the 5 tips I have been using in my own life in the past few weeks. They are helping me stay committed to what is important to me in life, and not lose sight on what those things are. Take a peek below and see if any of these tips can be incorporated into your life!


ONE || Consider where you are wasting time

Okay, so I am totally guilty of this. I come home from work, I make dinner, then I spend my evening watching TV, then I go to bed. So don’t get me wrong, I think after a long day there is no problem watching your weekly show and winding down, but maybe stick to one show and then use the other 2 hours to read that book you have been dying to read, or write a blog post. Whatever your passion is, pick two or three nights per week to skip the TV and focus on that passion. Also, do you ever really sit and think how much time you spend scrolling through Instagram or other social media? If I actually calculated it, I would probably be embarrassed by the amount of time I personally sit and stare at my phone. Lets put our phones down and do something that makes us better instead, shall we?

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TWO || Set a date with a friend or significant other

When you make plans with someone else to do something fun, you make a commitment. I often say to my partner mid-week, “on Saturday, let’s go for a hike”. I do this so that we are making a plan and now have that commitment to do that fun activity. I find including someone else, you’re less likely to bail on that fun activity! Try it, it works!

THREE || Utilize a planner or calendar

Okay, as unorganized as I feel recently, I would be a lot worse off if I did not utilize my planner. I literally write EVERYTHING in that thing! It helps so much because I am the type of person who thinks of something, and then forgets about it 5 minutes later. So, to avoid forgetting, I write it down! This allows me to have better time management and also see what days I have less going on in my life, so I can use those days to focus on the fun things!


FOUR || Put yourself first

This is not always easy. When you have relationships to maintain, and work to get done, sometimes we put ourselves on the back burner. Remember, if you are not taking care of yourself, how can you be there fully for anyone else? Sometimes we feel like we have to make the time for a night with a friend of significant other and we are putting our own needs aside to do so. While it is great to have those special times with your friends or SO, don’t forget you are allowed to have “you time” as well. I love alone time, I actually NEED it in my life to recharge and be my best self. My boyfriend, family and friends understand that sometimes I just need to spend the evening doing my own thing, and they support that. Put yourself first sometimes!

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FIVE || Make a list of your priorities

Make a list of what your priorities are in your life. You may be surprised to find that what you believe are your priorities, are not actually where you are spending your time. When I made my list, health & fitness was in my top 4 priorities, yet, I was hardly spending any of my time towards my health & fitness goals. After you make your list, re-organize and figure out how you can make the time for your priorities in life.

I hope you are able to incorporate a few of these ideas into your life to create some free time and do the things you love or that are important to you. I know these are helping me a ton since starting my new job and trying to juggle my personal life, and my blog, as well as making time for the thing I enjoy. Let me know what methods you use to stay organized and make time for yourself.







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6 Replies to “5 Ways To Make Time For Your Passions”

  1. Omg! I really needed this. Unfortunately, I am 28 and finally started to find time for myself. My first job out of school was very time consuming and I barely had time to breathe. Then, I spent time planning wedding and other things. Now, I decided to need to work on my hobbies and find time to do what I want to do. I do also get sucked into watching tv, especially after I cook dinner and clean up. I feel like the day is pretty much over. I hope I can stick to it out and find time from now on. My 20s are almost over ?.

  2. This is so good. It’s so easy to get sucked into bad habits. I made a huge change this year doing exactly what you said in this post. I stopped watching so much Netflix and limited my time on social media. I started making plans with friends even if I was feeling tired and lazy. I started putting healthier habits on my calendar to remind me to do them. And I started making time for fun and the things I’m passionate about. It feels SO much better than lying on the couch all night!

    1. So happy you liked it! I couldn’t agree more, and lying on the couch all night is so easy to do, sometimes I really have to push myself to do something more productive, but I always feel so much better when I do!

  3. I love these tips!

    I try and avoid TV when I get home cause it is so easy to get sucked in and then I feel so sluggish afterwards! I just said to by boyfriend yesterday “let’s go on a hike on Saturday!” haha.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this!! I can relate on basically all levels. I recently decided to become more serious about blogging now that I’ve grown more accustomed to my first full-time job, but I’m quickly learning that balancing the blog, a job, a serious relationship, and making time for health and self-care is incredibly difficult! I’m also guilty to watching shows right as I get home until I go to sleep…it’s so easy! I definitely need to break the habit haha.

    1. Sara, so glad you can relate! It can be so hard to not binge watch TV after a long day at work,I believe we are all guilty of it! The key is just moderation, and I am slowly trying to create that balance in my own life as well!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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