How I Made my First $1000 as a Brand New Blogger

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I started Adjusting to Adulthood this year as a creative outlet, and a way to keep myself busy while I was between careers. I ended up loving it and learning SO much in the process, and after about 4 months into my blogging journey, I decided to start using my blogging platform to bring in a little bit of side income.

The main message here is that I mainly explored this idea, and did not spend a great deal of time “monetizing” my blog, but even with the small processes I put in place, I was able to bring in a small side income each month.

In 2017 I defiantly want to focus more on the ways I can use my blog to generate a little bit of side income, as I am really focused on saving and paying down debt right now! The best part is, as I explore these ideas and ways to generate income, I am going to share with my readers what is working for me, as well as what is not! I want to do this so my other blogger loves out there can also benefit from my experimenting, and also for those who are considering starting a blog to generate a side income, but do not really know where to start. Now you will have some guidelines!

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So, with that being said, I wanted to wrap up 2016 by breaking down the ways I have generated income from doing something I totally love, which is running this blog!

Let me begin by saying, income was not my main priority in 2016, and I did have a few hiccups along the way! The thing I was focused on this year was building my amazing community and audience, my social media platforms, and building my subscriber list. I also focused on content, because, obviously that is very important!

How I made my first $1000 as a brand new blogger

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I launched A2A in April 2016, and didn’t even start trying to monetize my blog until July 2016. I focused on monetization for a few months, and then in October, I started a new job, and blogging fell a bit on the back burner! Then, when I was finally ready to get back into the swing of things, my laptop broke, and I am now in the process of getting a new one! (Thank god for Christmas time!) In the meantime, getting posts up is hard, let alone creating new ideas for income! So like I mentioned, 2017 is my year to really focus on that aspect of my blog!

But, with all those hiccups, I still managed to bring in a decent amount of income for the time and effort I put in. So, let me share the ways I monetized my blog this year and brought in my first $1000 as a new blogger:

ONE | Creating Products – $371.82

One of my biggest profits has come from my Twenty Something & Killin’ it Printable Workbook. I created this as a resource for my audience, and sell it in 3 various packages, each at a different price. Creating a product is a great way to build a side income, because besides the initial time it takes you to create your product, you can basically just sell it on auto pilot. I include it in various posts on my blog, promoted it in email’s to my subscribers, and also on my social media, and besides creating a post about it every once in a while, I spend little to no time “selling” this product. It basically sells itself with the help of my blog. I started selling my product in mid September of this year and without doing a whole lot of promotion I have made $371.82 in income from this product in 3.5 months, with the average sale being $19.00. My plan for 2017 is to strategically promote my product, to bring in more sales and potentially start an affiliate program as well.

TWO | Affiliate Links – $430.00

If you have a blog, I highly recommend incorporating affiliate links into posts and promoting products that you use yourself or would recommend to others. I suggest you do this as soon as you have your blog launched! I use various affiliate links to promote books I enjoy (examples: Here and Here), blogging products and services I love (Example Here), and I often promote this post which talks about starting your own blog using Blue Host.

The affiliate programs I am currently a part of are:

  • Amazon Affiliates: You can literally create a link for ANYTHING on Amazon and gain a commission if something clicks on your link and makes a purchase. Get started with Amazon Affiliates Here.
  • Share a Sale: I use this website to obtain many of my links for the blogging products I love, but there is a ton of other stores and products affiliated with Share a Sale that you can promote.
  • Day Designer: My favorite Planner! I promote it to my audience because I love it. Simple as that.
  • Building a Framework: An amazing product my Abby Lawson from Just a Girl & Her Blog. This is a must have if you are a new blogger! And, once you purchase it, you can join the affiliate program and promote it on your own blog! Bonus!!
  • Blue Host: This has been one of my most successful affiliate programs. I promote Blue Host to others so they can also start their own self-hosted WordPress blog, and I gain a commission if they sign up! The commission for the Blue Host affiliate program is quite high as well, so this is one I defiantly recommend using if you’re looking to incorporate affiliate links into your blog.

All in all I have made about $430.00 from my affiliate links. This has been since July 2016. The thing with affiliate links is, it does take some time before you see any huge income from them. But, if you create some posts based around products or services you enjoy, you will start to see some profit coming in!!


THREE | Creating Courses – $295.67

So in 2016, I only created one course, and that was the Summer of Self Improvement Course. This course was my very first side income resource, and it only ran for 2 months. In two months I made almost $300 in sales. I was happy with this, as it was my very first course, and I had a very small audience at this point in time. In 2017 I hope to create some more fun courses for my readers!! I used Teachable to host and run my course, and it was SUPER easy to use. If you have a niche you think you can educate others on, creating a course is something that I would recommend.

So there you have it, that is how I went about making over $1000 as a brand new blogger in 2016. I cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store, and I would LOVE to hear your tips below on how you side hustle and what different skills you use to bring in a side income!!


Also, If this post has inspired you to start your own blog and start making a side income of your very own, check out my easy to follow guide on starting a blog RIGHT HERE!


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