Easy Solutions to Fix Your Finances: No Matter What Your Situation Looks Like

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Easy Solutions to Fix Your Financial Situation


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I was always pretty good with money growing up, until I moved out on my own, and got a credit card. That is the beginning of my downward spiral into debt and overspending. So in this post, I want to talk about finances, or more specifically, fixing your financial situation, whatever it may be! So, what I am going to do is go through the various types of financial situations, and talk about possible solutions. For fun, I am going to categorize the types of situations into people, and hopefully you can figure out which person you have the most similarities with.

Oblivious Olivia

This is the person who is unaware and unconcerned with their financial situation. They believe if they ignore it, it will go away. Oblivious Olivia throws away all of her pay stubs and bank statements without opening them. She lives her life believing there is will always be enough money in her account when needed. Olivia has no investments or savings. While Olivia may not be a spendaholic, she will purchase the things that catch her eye, without a second thought. This type of spending has not caused her any problems yet, but it is only a matter of time before she begins spending outside of her means. When Olivia pictures her future, she believes things will be fine financially, but does not think about it too hard or have any real plans.


  1. Olivia needs to learn how to keep track of her finances. This can be as easy as keeping a spending journal so she is aware of where her money is going. Sometimes when you sit down and look at your finances, you will be surprised how much you are spending in certain areas of your life. You may also see potential places you could be saving money.
  2. She should meet with a representative at her bank, and talk about potential savings options or retirement options.
  3. Expand her knowledge of financial information through blogs, articles, and books.

Perfect Penny

Penny is very different from Olivia. Penny keeps track of every single financial transaction she makes, she has created a color coded spending spread sheet, and she is on a very strict budget. Penny’s budget is not really causing her any issues in her life, but she is a bit of a control freak with her spending, and she is always accountable for her money and knows where every last dollar goes. She has an IRA, a 401(k), and a retirement savings plan. Every bill and pay statement she receives is kept, and filed accordingly in her alphabetized filing cabinet.

You may be thinking, wow she is so responsible and on top of her finances, I wish I could do that. But, here is the downfall about being a Perfect Penny. Penny never has any fun. She skips out on dinner with friends because she would rather save her money, and she has a dream to take a business course, but won’t spend the money to invest in herself. Penny is missing out on her life because she is TOO strict with her finances.


  1. Penny needs to reward herself for being so great with her finances by going out more and investing in herself and her passions.
  2. Set up a separate account that is just for free spending. That way Penny is still in control, but has a certain amount set aside for having fun and enjoying life.
  3. Commit to going 2 days a week without checking her bank account or statements.



Laid Back Lucy

Lucy is the type of person who has a hard time with commitment or doing anything on time. She comes up with the money to pay her bills, but is ultimately laid back and carefree about the whole process. She has no plan or schedule when it comes it paying her bills, and when her due dates arrive, she often forgets or puts off the payment. She always has late fee’s looming over her head. She may be perceived as lazy, but she believes she is just busy or distracted with other things. Because she has a hard time with commitment, Lucy has no investments or savings accounts. Lucy has the means to be financially secure and responsible, but lacks the motivation and knowledge to do so.

We all know a Lucy, or may have been a Lucy at one point in our lives. This type of financial attitude can take a toll on your future, your credit, and your overall life.


  1. Set up direct deposit for bills so payments come out automatically, and you never miss a payment again.
  2. Have a portion of your paycheck deposited automatically into a savings account and investment account.
  3. Set reminders on your phone or e-mail calendar, or use the yearly and monthly bill tracker from the Twenty Something & Killin’ it Workbook to track due dates!
  4. Check your bank account once a week to start being aware of your finances.

Good-time Gabby

Gabby has basically lost all control of her finances. She is in over her head, but that does not slow her down. She loves to have a good time, and can usually be found shopping, dining with friends, or buying a round of shots at the club. She is in debt up to her eyeballs, but at least she has a cute outfit and all the newest technology. She has become terrified of answering the phone because it may be a creditor riding her ass for unpaid bills and missed payments. She ignores the obvious, and when money seems tight, she just ups her credit card limit. She is on the road to financial disaster, but at least she is driving her brand new car to get there!

Sure, Gabby is living life to the fullest, but she is going to be bankrupt by age 30. Gabby likes to pretend everything is fine, but if she has a moment alone with her thoughts, they quickly go wild with worry and stress. Once Gabby becomes stressed, she goes shopping to make herself feel better, and the vicious cycle starts all over.


  1. The first step is getting some credit counseling with a Credit adviser. They can help create a plan and a solution, provide useful knowledge and education, and assist in the first step in the right direction.
  2. Create a plan of action.
  3. Have the bank send a portion or percentage of your pay check to creditors if needed.
  4. Create a strict budget using the Budget Template in the Twenty Something & Killin’ it Workbook
  5. Cut up your credit cards and stop using them completely. Only use money that you physically have in your bank account.
  6. Consolidate your credit so you have one easy payment.
  7. Educate yourself further on getting out of debt by reading articles, blogs, and books.

Balanced Betty

Betty has a healthy relationship with her money. She has a budget that allows her to pay for the things she needs to pay for, purchase some things she wants, and also able to save a little bit in a savings account. Betty always pays her bills on time, has a credit card that she pays off in full most months, and also has a percentage of her paycheck deposited into a 401(k) every month. She keeps track of her spending, and does not make purchases she cannot afford. Betty is financially responsible and lives within her means. She uses the Twenty Something & Killing it Workbook Budget Template to keep herself on a monthly budget, and keeps track of her bill payments with the monthly & yearly bill tracker printable!

So, looking at the 5 types of people, who do you relate to the most? Maybe you’re a mix of two? I personally believe in my early twenties I was a Laid back Lucy with a touch of Good-time Grace in there. I am slowly becoming a Balanced Betty though, and at least working hard to try to get there! I am now creating monthly budgets and tracking all of my bills in my monthly tracker. I set up direct deposit for my payments, and have stopped purchasing unnecessary things. My next step is really focusing on paying off student loan debt.

If you are relating to these fictional ladies, make sure you grab my Twenty Something & Killin’ it Workbook so you can begin to utilize the budget template and yearly & monthly bill trackers! Check out all the details here. 

Twenty Something & Killin' It Workbook

Let me know who you relate to below! Also let me know what you’re doing to be financially responsible and knowledgeable!







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