8 Ways to Invest Your Time to Encourage Personal Growth

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, SELF CARE / Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

So, if you follow my blog at all or any of my social media, you have probably noticed I enjoy self-development. Over the past few years I have been trying to focus on self-improvement and basically just living a full life, that I love.

As part of my self-improvement journey, I have been trying to prioritize my time for the activities that provide me with learning and growth, over the activities that aren’t really providing me anything. What I mean is, I am trying to find more time for reading, getting outdoors, cooking, blogging, etc. And trying to watch less TV, sleep in all morning, sit on my phone for two hours, etc.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still have a sleep in day or two, I still watch tv everyday, and I still use my phone often. But I am doing it LESS. And, I am replacing those things little by little, with more useful activities.

So today, I wanted to put together the 8 ways I have been trying to prioritize my time in order to improve myself and my life.

8 Ways to Invest Your Time to Encourage Personal Growth in Your Life

1. Reading

I have always been a reader. But as I got older reading became one of those things that is easily pushed aside when I am busy. Reading 1 book was now taking me twice if not three times as long to finish, because I wouldn’t pick it up for days at a time. One day I was reading a book I was really into. I couldn’t put it down. I ended up finishing it in just a few days, and I thought to myself how did I do that? Well instead of catching up on my Netflix shows for a few nights. I read my book. Instead of sitting on Instagram before bed, I was reading.

So you see, it’s all about priorities. We have the time, we’re just using it elsewhere, and on things that may not be benefiting us!

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2. Your Self & Self Love

Something I have always struggled with is feeling confident about myself. Over this past year I have really tried to focus on the positives and not the negatives. If I find I am speaking negatively to my self, I shut it down. I do this because I know now, much of the things I want to be successful with in life, begin with me loving myself first and believing that I can be successful and live the life I desire.

Take the time to create a self-care routine. Use daily affirmations. Begin a gratitude journal. All of these activities will benefit you in so many ways + you will begin to feel so good about your life and yourself in the process.

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3. Learning New Skills

Never stop learning and being curious. Maybe you already have a degree, and you landed your dream job right away. That doesn’t mean you should let go of your curiosity to learn. Something I really appreciated about my last job was how much learning and development there was! I was always being sent to courses, and I also had a manager who was very involved in my development. It was great!

But, not all jobs and companies are that invested in their employees learning and development. Don’t let that stop you, take action yourself! There are so many free online resources out there which can teach you new skills. Don’t believe me? Check out this awesome resource by Mashable.

Part of the reason I started blogging was to learn something new, I was interested in learning more about writing and website design, so I did. I took a few e-courses and used the Building a Framework E-book, and I started a blog.

You should always try to make time to feed your curiosity and desire to learn. Learning new skills will always be beneficial, and you never know where it may come in handy down the road.


4. Building Relationships

Something I am realizing in my twenties, is that networking and building relationships is SO important. Unfortunately in life, it sometimes really does come down to who you know.

As a shy and somewhat socially awkward human, I hate networking and I despise small talk. I like deep meaningful conversations, not discussing the weather. But, networking and building relationships does not have to be so bad. The best thing to do is find a common interest and *boom* you’ll have a conversation.

Now whether you’re networking at your office conference, or you’re networking online with other bloggers, continuing that engagement is key. Once you have your initial conversation, ensure you follow-up later on with an email, letting them know you appreciate the conversation. Keep the relationship alive by asking them questions from time to time, or getting their opinion on something.

You never know when that relationship may help you. Whether it be as a references, as a second opinion on a big project, or even as a collaboration.

Also, never ever burn bridges! If your leaving a position, do it properly. Give your proper notice, and work until your last shift. That is a position you can use on your resume, and you will want a good reference as well.

5. Healthy Living

Another way you should be investing time in your twenties, is finding a healthy living routine that works for you. Everyone is different, so I personally believe trying different options until you find what fits, is the best method.

Now is the time though, don’t wait until your older and you have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Do it now! Even if it’s just changing a few eating habits, and going for a walk a few times per week. Do something that is benefiting your health.

You only get one body, take care of it and it will take care of you. And, just like I mentioned before, the classic excuse is “I am too busy to exercise” or “I was too tired to cook a big meal”. But, again, if you just cut out a little TV time, or wake up a little bit earlier, you can make the time. It just takes some prioritization. And I know there are SO many easy 15-20 minute recipes are out there that are healthy. Trust me, if your tired already, you’re going to be even more tired after eating a fast food combo.


6. Your Friendships

If you are lucky enough to have a few great friendships in your twenties, make them a priority in your life. It is so easy to say no to plans because you’re tired or busy, but eventually if you keep neglecting your friendships and not putting in any effort, those friendships fizzle, and they will just stop inviting you places.

I have a handful of girls I consider my best friends. I live in a different province now, so it is even harder to maintain those friendships, but every time I come home I make sure I see those girls as much as possible because they are important to me, and I cherish those friendships.

Your besties should always be a priority in your life! Make time for those wonderful people.

7. Your Passions

One of my favorite quotes is “take the time to do what makes your soul happy”. That is SO important. Just like I mentioned with reading, when we get busy, it’s easy to push aside our hobbies to get other things done. Don’t do that!

What I like to do is set aside even two hours a week to focus on activities and hobbies that I love. Maybe you like to paint, it makes you happy and your passionate about creating art, but you haven’t painted for the past 3 months because “you’re busy”. Take ONE hour this week and sit down with no distractions and paint. Or do whatever it is that you love. It’s one hour, you can find one hour in your week.

Investing time in your passions is so important. If your lucky enough to have something in your life that you feel passionate about, make the time for it.

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8. Your Finances

Okay, so this is something I am just beginning to prioritize in my life. Creating a budget and focusing on my finances.

I have student loan debt, and I really want to focus on getting rid of that debt. So I am trying to budget my finances and create larger payments.

What I would like to do is sit down every week and create a weekly budget so that I am able to stay on track. I want to begin saving money and paying down my debt, and I believe at this point in my life, I need to make that a priority.

If your interested in making your finances a priority as well, check out the this amazing blog: http://millennialboss.com

Julie from the Millennial Boss has SO many inspirational and useful tips on paying down debt and getting your financial life in order!

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So there you have it! Those are the 8 things I am currently prioritizing in my life as a twenty-something.

What do you currently make a priority in your life? Do you struggle to prioritize your time? What tips and tricks do you use for time management? Let me know in the comments below!








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6 Replies to “8 Ways to Invest Your Time to Encourage Personal Growth”

  1. Ooh the finances is a tricky one, also a little new to me. I just started doing this last year: putting everything in Excel and realizing how much money I could be saving each month! I thought it would be scary but as it turns out I love having better control over what comes in and what goes out. Great post xxx

  2. Yes yes yes! Love this post to death.

    I’m particularly working on number 4 at the moment (I can be very lazy with relationships and staying in touch with people) and getting back to my healthiest self – going back to bootcamp next week, eek!

    Couldn’t agree more lovely xx
    Jessi | ww.fullofliving.com

  3. Kendra, so nice of you to give me the shout out! Thank you! I totally agree with this list (and btw I can’t wait for the Girl on the Train movie to come out!!) Good luck achieving your goals!

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