6 Easy Ways to Become More Organized

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Something I have learned throughout my twenties, is how beneficial organization can be. I started to organize my time, my schedule, my home, and my life, as much as I could. The thing with organization is, it may take some time initially to create a system that works for you, but then all you have to do is maintain it.

For example, if you choose to organize your closet, initially it will take some time to pull all your clothing out, organize it, create a system that works for you, and then put it into motion. But, once you do that initial set-up, it’s just a matter of keeping up with it. It takes very little work to maintain, and you should really only have to re-organize it every 6-12 months. The same goes for any area, once you get that initial system in place, the rest is easy!

Today, I want to talk about the 6 easiest ways to bring some organization into your life.

ONE | Write Things Down

My favorite tip for staying organized, is to write everything down! This is my life saver. I am the type of person who gets side tracked easy, so if I think to myself “oh, I have to remember to get that done today”, within 5 minutes I start doing something else, and completely forget about the task I had to do. BUT, if I utilize a to-do list, or one of my awesome planner sheets from my Twenty Something and Killin’ it Workbook, I can quickly jot down my task before I forget.

I always have my to-do list to reference, that way I don’t forget anything and I stay organized and on top of things throughout the day.

Writing things down can go beyond just a to-do list. I also utilize a password tracker. I write all my user names and passwords down and keep them in a safe place.

I also always have my planner on hand to jot down appointments, meetings, etc. That way I never miss an important date!

TWO| Do a Big Clean

The first step to organizing your home or office, is to do a big clean! What I mean by this is go room to room, and toss/donate/sell any items that you no longer need or use.

Be brutally honest! Don’t say “well I may use this eventually”, if you haven’t used it in the past 6 months, get rid of it!

If you are really on the fence with something, make note of it, and in six months if you still did not use it, ditch it.

Once you clean out the junk, you can organize much easier.

THREE | Learn to Plan Ahead

In order to stay organized I like to look ahead. Usually at the beginning of every month, I go through my planner and make note of anything I can. Then every week, I go through and add things that may have popped up in the mean time.

This allows me to not only stay organized, but prepares me for my month/week. I am able to lay it all out in front of me and see what I’m working with, schedule anything I need to, make plans, and prioritize.

Ever since I started doing this, life has been so much easier!

I also make note of all of my bills and payments that are due at the beginning of every month in my bill tracker! This ensures I always know when payments are due, and that I never miss a payment! You can grab a copy of my yearly and monthly bill trackers here.

FOUR | Create Schedules

This can be anything from a workout schedule to a cleaning schedule. I personally find creating a schedule helps me stay accountable, and keeps me organized.

I like to schedule out my week in my planner, but I also utilize a schedule to stay on top of what needs to be cleaned, and when, with my “cleaning schedule”. It is broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, etc. And you can grab your own copy in the Twenty Something & Killin’it workbook. I know, the workbook seriously has everything!

FIVE | Learn How to Beat Excuses and Procrastination

Something I personally struggle with myself is procrastination. One part of staying organized, is to stay away from procrastination and excuses. If you create a plan or a schedule, stick to it as best you can. Try and remember that if you begin to stray too far from your plan, it is like a snowball effect, and not doing that to-do list today will mean double the to-do list tomorrow. Not keeping up with your system for keeping your closet organized, just means two weeks from now your organized closet will be a mess again. Or, not sticking to your cleaning schedule, means you may have a weeks worth of cleaning that could have been done little by little, everyday instead.

SIX | Organization vs. Perfectionism

Now, with the above point, I also want to add that life gets in the way sometimes. Sometimes, we just have to go off course from our plan or schedule, because other things come up. There is a difference between being perfect and being organized.

Organized people are adaptable. They can stray off course sometimes, because they are organized enough to adjust their life and prioritize their time. It is okay to go off course sometimes, or take a day to do nothing but sit on the couch and binge watch Netflix.

Just remember if you have a day where you did nothing at all on your to-do list, scatter that list into your other days and prioritize the tasks as needed. They will still get done, and life will go on. The important thing is to re-organize after the fact, and not to go 6 days without looking at that to-do list again!

We’re not perfect!

So those are my beginner tips for incorporating organization into your life. Really, it is not a one size fits all solution, and certain systems will work great for some people and not at all for others. Find what works for you and go with it!

If you need some help in the meantime though, be sure to grab a copy of the Twenty Something & Killin’ it Workbook to get you started!

What other ways do you stay organized? What are your favorite ways to organize your life? Share in the comments below!









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  1. Aside from my lists I keep a small eraser board hidden behind my bedrm door with notes for priorities, weekly tasks, longer range wanna-do projects for squeezing in when life allows. It’s color coded for a quick way to reorganize in a flash, just erase and rewrite. There are also inspirational quotes I ran into while reading that remind me to focus on certain things I’m working to improve at that phase of life. An example, on my board now is: “the coyote never has a bad day.” Meaning they wake up and go about their life without labeling anything good/bad, pro/con, easy/hard. If their action fails, they regroup and try another angle til they get what they need. If they fall short.. They sleep hungry but then get up n try again tomorrow. No such thing as a “bad” day, just the mission. It’s a meaningless label that we give meaning to. Totally unecessary really.

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