4 Tools to Help You Have Your Best Year Ever

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT / Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

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Well although I personally enjoyed my own 2016 a great deal, I know the world-wide consensus is that 2016 was not the greatest year overall. But, ultimately, life is what you make it, and although we cannot control the things that happen outside of our own lives, we definitely have control over our own happiness.

I wanted to put together a list of my favorite tools to help you kick-start your year and assist you in becoming an ever better you in 2017.


I would seriously be lost without a planner in my life. I utilize a planner in both my personal life as well as my work life. Since beginning to use a planner, I find my overall organization and focus as increased ten fold. There is something about writing things down that allow you to stay focused on the tasks. It allows you to remember important things, as well as write down your goals and stay attainable to achieving them. I use two different planners, both provide me with different things. In my personal life, I use a Day Designer. I chose that planner because of the layout of the daily pages.They include unique things like a gratitude section and a meal planning section. In my work life, I use a more generic planner that I actually grabbed off of Amazon. I picked it because the layout is more generic and laid out in a way that I can create “to-do” lists that I need to tackle day by day.

I highly suggest using a planner in 2017. It is such an easy tool to incorporate into your life, but one that has a huge impact. It is crazy how such a small tool can make sure a huge impact on your organization and overall focus.

Here are some planners I would recommend:

Bloom Daily Planners

Love these planners. They have awesome layouts, and are directed at goal setting and self-development. These planners have a really great “self-reflection” page at the end of every month and also contain inspirational quotes to keep you motivated! Not to mention they are super cute. Check them out HERE.

Day Designer Planners

Day Designer is the planner I mentioned above, that I use in my personal life. I love my day designer, specifically the layout. I love that there is a space for my to write out my meals, my goals, my daily gratitude, etc. Check out all the awesome features HERE.


2 |  BOOKS

Self Help & Self Development books are a great way to better yourself. In 2016, one of my big focuses was to read more motivational books that would assist me in my self-development journey. I read some pretty amazing books last year, and a few really stuck with me. A few I would recommend to get you started are:

Big Magic

Such an inspirational book. I highlighted half of the book because there were just so many parts that resonated with me. If you’re struggling to go after your dreams or passions, this book is a must read. I cannot recommend it enough. More details here.

You are a Badass

The book that made me love self-development books. Jenn Sincero is hilarious and so real, and that is what made me love this book.Leaves you feeling motivated and inspired to go after what you want in life. See all the details HERE.

Find more of my book recommendations in these posts:

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The Best Books to Read in Your Twenties

The Ultimate List of Books That Will Improve Your Life This Year



The 52 List Project

I love this journal, and it is even better if you start it near the beginning of a new year, because you can utilize it all year-long. It is a fun little interactive book filled with writing prompts that help you learn and discover more about yourself. A really great self – development tool. Grab it HERE.

Start Where You Are

This book is filled with fun and colors from start to finish. Complete with motivational quotes, and interactive pages,this journal will be a great asset on your journey of personal growth. All the details HERE.


The 2018 Thrive Guide

Your Guide for Self Improvement in 2018



The Ultimate guide to self-improvement and personal growth. Broken down into 6 months, this guide focuses on a specific topic per month and includes worksheets, printables, and resources to assist you in your journey to betterment. Also includes a interactive workbook! Details HERE.


I am always using Pinterest and other blogs to check out guides and how to lists. I love them and they are a great way to open your mind up to new ways to better yourself. Here are a few from A2A to get you started:

The Complete Guide to Becoming Your Best Self

The 6 Best Ways to Improve Yourself in Your Twenties

How to Make Time for Your Passions as a Millennial

10 of the Best Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone 


So there you have it, those are just a few tools I personally use to assist me on my journey of becoming the best me I can be! What tools and resources do you use to help you kick some major ass? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. I am a huge fan of using Google Calendar to keep track of your life! I have one for meal- planning, one for daily appointments, events, happy hours, etc and one for blogging. It’s nice because it syncs across all your devices and it’s FREE!

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