30 Easy Ways to Improve Your Life in 30 Days


Improve Your Life in 30 Days

Hi pals!

I wanted to talk about some super easy ways to make improvements in your life. Do you ever think to yourself “if I just put away my clothes when I take them off, instead of throwing them on the floor, my room would be a lot cleaner”, or “If I took the time to de-clutter my work space, I would be so much more organized”. I’m sure we have all had those thoughts, or similar thoughts, yet we never make the necessary changes or actions to actually de-clutter, hang-up our clothes, or fix whatever other bad habit were struggling with.

I do it to myself all the time; if I would just tidy as I go, if I would just take 20 minutes and go for a run, if I would just take the time to plan my meals out. If I would take the time and do any of these things, I would easily improve my life.

it is so easy to get caught up in the “I am too busy” excuse and push things to the side. But when you actually look at where your daily priorities lie, are you noticing that watching Netflix or cruising your social media (which really have little to no impact on self-improvement) are coming before other things that could be improving your life in a┬ásignificant way? If you take 10 minutes or 20 minutes away from your TV time, or put your phone down when you notice your scrolling through the same Instagram feed for the 15th time, then you may find yourself with some extra time to do something that can have a positive impact on your overall life.

I have been noticing this in my own life for quite sometime, and I have decided to make a change. As usual, when I am trying to make a change in my life, I like to make it a challenge of some kind so that 1) It is more fun and 2) it gives me guidelines and a set completion date to keep myself on track and accountable.

So, that is exactly what I did, and I want to share it with you! I created a free challenge. The challenge is basically 30 days of easy ways to improve your life. Each day, for 30 days, you will have to complete a task, activity, or chore, that will improve your life in some way.

The best part is you can participate in this challenge for FREE! Sign up and become an A2A subscriber and have the Printable PDF 30 Day Challenge sent to your inbox.

Improve your life in 30 days!






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