2018 Goal Setting

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT / Monday, January 8th, 2018

2018 Goal Setting

Hey guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I honestly cannot believe it is 2018 already. Holy moly!!! I am super excited for a new year and to crush some new goals. 2017 was a huge year for me and will be hard to top from a personal perspective, because well, I had a baby and she has become the love of my life. But, from a blogging perspective, 2017 will not be hard to top. I hate to be that person that makes excuses, but unfortunately the blog just was not my priority last year. I was a brand new mom, running on little sleep and lucky to just take a shower, so banging out blog posts was not in the cards for the first few months of motherhood. Once things settled down and Mia started to nap more regularly and for longer stretched, I finally had some time to shift my focus back to the blog. I REALLY wanted to launch a course centered around self improvement, and I wanted it to start in January 2018 and run for the full year. So I spent ALL of my free time working on that. PS: It launched & is only open for enrollment until mid January, so check it out before it closes!!

Anyway, now I am READY to tackle some major blog goals and really get back into it. Side note: BIG shout out to those of you who have stuck with me & supported A2A during my little hiatus! You guys are the BEST!

So, I decided to do a blog post listing all of my 2018 goals. I am going to break them down into three categories. Personal, Blogging, and Momming. Let’s get to it shall we?




  1. Make more time to read
  2. Exercise at least 3 days a week. (Starting with 3 days, hoping to up this eventually)
  3. At some point in the year do a 30 days of no sugar or another round of Whole 30
  4. Meal Plan / Prep more often
  5. Plan some form of mini vacation before maternity leave ends
  6. Make more time for self-care
  7. Do a house purge / organize
  8. Get out of the house as a family more often
  9. Complete the 2018 Thrive Guide
  10. Try something new every month
  11. Pay off $5,000+ of debt (gotta love Student Loans)


  1. Post at least two blog posts per month
  2. Send at least two newsletter emails to my subscribers per month
  3. Be more active on instagram stories
  4. Post at least 3 times a week on instagram
  5. Hit 3000 instagram followers (approx 110 per month)
  6. Hit 3000 email subscribers (Approx 100 per month)
  7. Hit 6000 Pinterest followers (Approx 210 per month)
  8. Launch another course or workbook


  1. Get involved with more baby activities / groups
  2. Get out more without baby
  3. Let go of some control and let daddy do more
  4. Research day cares (I am in total denial that I am going to have to go back to work in April and Mia will go to daycare).
  5. Start a journal for her – I want to start writing a journal that I can give her when she’s older
  6. Remember to enjoy her, even on the hard days
  7. Read to her daily

Now, the key to actually achieving these goals is to ensure they are attainable. Which, in this case I believe they are. I also like to break my yearly goals down into smaller monthly goals that are much more specific. See below:

Monthly Goal Breakdown

I usually just start with the first 3-6 months. I complete this for each of my categories: Personal, Blogging, and Momming. Then, on a weekly basis, I will go one step further and get SUPER specific in my planner. I start filling in my weeks and days to help me achieve my goals. For example, for my blogging goals, I would pick specific days I wanted to post my blog posts and send my newsletters. I would breakdown the steps I wanted to take to reach more email subscribers into weekly and daily tasks. I would schedule things into my weeks such as “brain storm course or workbook ideas” so that I can begin to work on my larger goal of creating another course or workbook this year.

So, that is how I plan on achieving my goals this year! There are also some new habits I would like to form such as taking a multi vitamin and drinking more water, but I plan on working on those through a habit tracker rather than through goal setting. I talk more about developing habits in this post: 10 Habits You Need to Develop in Your Twenties.

If you need some help developing goals this year, make sure you check out my FREE Goal setting Guide to help you set clear and attainable goals.

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What processes and methods do you use to set and achieve your goals? I would love to hear! Let me know in the comments.








Do you want to make 2018 your best year and work towards becoming a better you? Make sure you check out the ultimate Guide to Self Improvement: The 2018 Thrive Guide. 

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