The Complete Guide to Becoming Your Best Self

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, SELF CARE / Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

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Working on ourselves continuously is so important. There is always room to grow and learn and change. As we learn more about ourselves through self reflection and self awareness, we can see the areas we would like to improve to become the best version of ourselves we can be.

If you have been following my blog posts at all, you probably know I am on a journey to become my very best self. I am doing this through self-development, personal growth, self-reflection, as well as blogging and inspiring others. It has been such a fun journey and one that is definitely changing me for the better!

In this blog post, I wanted to put together a guide for my readers, so they too can work on becoming their best selves. This guide contains easy steps that you can incorporate into your life overnight and literally start your path to a better you right now! This particular list of tips is the exact tools I started incorporating into my life in the beginning of my own journey.

The Complete Guide to Becoming Your Best Self

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming Your Best Self

1 | Let Go of Negativity

In my opinion, this is one of the first steps to becoming a better you. Negativity can hold us back from many things in life, especially happiness. When you are carrying around an attitude of “I have the worst luck” or “nothing goes right in my life” than that is what you will get in return. Your mind creates your reality. No, not because of some magic universe phenomenon, but because your choosing to only look at the negative things in your life, and not giving any attention to all the positives.

Also, when you are constantly negative, it does not only take a toll on you and your environment, but it can also be extremely hard on those around you. So, how can you let go of that negativity? I have a few tips:

  • Start practicing gratitude. When you begin to focus on the aspects of your life that you are grateful for, your whole mindset changes. It is as easy as writing one thing you are grateful for in your life, down in your journal or planner, or even just saying one thing in your mind before bed at night.
  • Stop complaining. We all do it, don’t worry. But, what we need to remember is complaining literally helps us in no way what so ever. Give yourself a window, you can complain for five minutes, or you can complain about something once per day. Once you make it a point to mentally notice when you are complaining, you will stop. You will start to realize how unnecessary and annoying it is.
  • Look deeper. Usually negativity comes from a place of unhappiness. Start to ask yourself what may be troubling you in your life? What would you like to change? How can you improve it to make yourself happier? Do some self-reflection and be open to making changes.

2 | Be Kind

Be kind to others, it literally costs nothing. Do not be rude to people in the service industry or in customer service roles. Trust me, I understand what it is like to work in customer service. Never act like you are better than anyone else, you’re not. Use empathy and remind yourself that you have no idea what anyone else around you is dealing with in their lives. You cannot control what other people do or say, but you can control your reaction, so don’t be an asshole. Say thank you, say please. Hold the door. Say excuse me. Do not be rude. It is seriously the easiest thing you can do to become a better person.

3 | Live Authentically

Never hide your true self. Do you, girlfriend. It takes a long time to become comfortable in your own skin, and figure out who you want to be. So, when you finally get there, never apologize or hide who you are. Never strive to be like anyone else, be you. Unique, weird, different, authentic people are my FAVORITE kind of people because they are so confident with themselves, and I love that so much. How can you be your BEST self, if you’re not even being yourself?? 


4 | Figure Out Your Values

Sit down, and make a list of your most important values. This is important in figuring out who you are and, the values you want to live by in your journey to becoming the best you. When you establish your values, you can create a moral code of sorts, and you can follow that in your journey. When you create that moral code, you create it with the person you want to be in mind. So following it, ultimately creates that person.

side note: I actually created a Value Classification Worksheet which you can find in the 2018 Thrive Guide. Just one of the many activities to help you Thrive in 2018!

5 | Let go of Self Doubt

This one is so important. How can you become your best self if you are constantly doubting your abilities, self-worth, skills, etc. Letting go of self-doubt is not always easy, but it is possible. It involves letting go of others opinions, letting go of fear of failure, letting go of pre-conceived opinions of yourself, and letting go of comparison.

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6 | Learn to Love Yourself

You need to love yourself. This may not come easy, and it may take time. But you need to work on this. The best way to begin this journey is using positive affirmations and speaking positively to yourself. Every morning, while you are getting ready for work or school, look at yourself in the mirror and repeat a positive affirmation to yourself 3 times. I’ll be honest, it will feel weird the first few times, but then, it will be awesome, and you will start your day feeling so good! Some positive affirmations to get you started:

  • I am a beautiful and strong person. I can tackle anything that comes my way today.
  • I am a confident person. I am going to rock it today.
  • I am going to be my best self today. I will stay positive and kind.
  • I am going to have an amazing day. Nothing will crush my positive mood.
  • My outfit is on point today. I feel confident and beautiful.

Any kind of affirmation that makes you feel good about yourself, is perfect. Make it your own. I promise it will change your mindset about yourself and your life.

7 | Read More

Reading has always inspired me to become better. Over the past year I have gotten hooked on motivational, self-help style books. I always feel so great after reading an inspirational book about how to kick ass in life. I have also started highlighting my favorite parts, or parts that were motivational to me, so I can go back when I need a pick me up.

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8 | Invest in Yourself

Investing in yourself is never a negative thing. If your interested in pursuing a class, a course, or even just in purchasing something as small as a book, do it. Self-investment is always a good thing. You will learn about yourself regardless of the outcome, and the more you learn about yourself, the easier it becomes to know who you want to be, and how to become the best version of yourself. There are so many resources online now, that investing in yourself is easier than ever. If you want to pursue a curiosity or a passion, there is probably an online course out there that you can take.

Check out this post to see my Top 5 Worthwhile Personal Investments.


9 | Try New Things

Similar to investing in yourself, trying new things is never be a bad thing. When we push ourselves out of our comfort zones, and we try new things and have new experiences, we grow. We always learn from new experiences in our lives, regardless of how the experience went. Even if you try something new, and it is terrible, you can learn from that experience. Push yourself to try things, explore, be curious, and get outside of your comfort zone. We can never grow if we don’t change or try anything new.

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10 | Use Self-reflection

This is probably one of my favorite activities that I have incorporated into my life. Self-reflection can show you SO much about yourself and who you are. It can help you dig deeper and allow you to explore some things about yourself that maybe you weren’t aware of previously. You can practice self-reflection through journaling, blogging, meditation, etc. I like to think of some questions and focus on those to dig deeper. For example, what are my values? What personality trait do I most want to change and why? What do I want to change about my current situation? What are my 3 happiest moments and why?

You can seriously ask yourself anything! I also like to take advantage of times where maybe I reacted poorly, or acted in a way I was not proud of. I dig deeper into those experiences and reflect on the why. It is really kind of fun, and you learn lots and lots about yourself. My only tip is to be very open-minded and also open to change!

Blogging has been a huge form of self-reflection for me, as I am always thinking of personal situations and experiences from my own life, as I blog about various topics. Interested in starting your own blog? Check out my easy to follow guide to get startedHow to Start Your Own Blog


Well guys, those are my tips to start your journey to becoming your best self. If you incorporate a few of these into your life, you will see a change in yourself and your life. I would love to hear the other ways you work on becoming a better you. Let me know in the comments below!






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